Gold Coaching Package Natalina

My name is Jen Anderson and after 15 years on an urban police force, my husband was medically retired due to PTSD. I have first hand experiences of the struggles LEO Life brings and watching someone you love struggling with their mental health.

I’ve created Blue Line Coaching to give back through coaching which is about identifying where you and your spouse are right now in regards to LEO Life and help to create goals and structures for a healthy and strong relationship throughout your LEO’s career.

There are a number of coaching options for you to consider with a range of pricing options as well. Once you have signed up, I will ask you to answer and submit responses for me to get a sense of your specific situation. Include the message “STRAIGHTEN YOUR CROWN” to get your first coaching session FREE!! Shortly after, I will be in contact to discuss which options would be best for you and accomplishing your goals.