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Katie Brown

“I found Jen through a Facebook post shared by a Friend and I immediately thought to myself I need this person in my life. Being a LEO family is not for the faint of heart. It takes a village to make a family run and an even bigger one to make a LEO family run. Having any kind of additional help for you and your first responder family is a blessing. Jen helps navigate the unique waters, with insight and friendship. Working with Jen has been one of the best decision I’ve made.”


“"Blue Line Coaching was the best investment in myself I have ever made. I cannot thank you enough!" ”
Farra e
LEO Spouse
“Working with BLC has been an awesome experience. They are passionate about their work and I love the fact that they have so many tools at their disposal and was not afraid to use them in helping me let go of way too much self doubt and believe in myself. Thank you so much for your drive and commitment to helping me reach my full potential and move forward towards a better, more fulfilled life..”
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Lily Shattuck
LEO Spouse
“Jen is passionate about helping people find peace and clarity in all aspects of their lives. She has an amazing skill set that paired with various techniques deliver life changing results. After only two sessions with her, I was able to truly let go of old pain that was acting as an obstacle in my life. Thank you Jen!.”
LEO Spouse

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